Parapsicologia RJ - Geraldo dos Santos Sarti

PARAPSYCOLOGY RJ – Geraldo dos Santos Sarti


G. S. Sarti

The reader should understand that in this site it’s being developed a PSI research inside parapsychology. Hence we apologize for the apparent confusion in the ideas presented dynamically as others are added. It is, therefore a PSI research in development, aggregating particular aspects of the collaborators personal life.
Further on the apologies, here requested, the inevitable errors committed in all passages and levels of approach, dueto a possible primarity.

1 – The main point is the theoretical research of Psicons (thoughts). Term found based on clear thesis and proves of the “existence” of such logical particles.
They are as well plane waves and don’t follow the uncertainty principle. They are particles and waves that were associated and can be identified with the precision of logics developed until the present day.

Probably my ignorance runs deep, not only about nowadays reality, but also, what I’m certain, this research, for it isn’t accepted by science established in a way that the intellective activity developed in research PSI itself, being physical, psychological, biological, physiological or artistic (involving the emotional complex of beings), is a risky activity when thinking in seizing it to bring forth a fair society and happy individuals.

2 - The Theory of Relativity was, here, investigated and we could conclude that the Psicons (thoughts) are particles fastest than light. One of the two: or I’m very equivocated and we’re working with a partial, material world or the idea of thoughts is way beyond nervous system. The thought would be out nervous system, massless, dimensionless. It is what exists without mutatis mutandi, and it’s only composed by semantics information (Psicons). The emotion, here, it’s something barely investigated and I recognize it as a main flaw in my research, until now.

3 – The Theory of Relativity was studied in four different ways:

- The Uncorrected Theory of Relativity. (3D)
- The Corrected Theory of Relativity. (1D and nD)
- The Multidimensional Theory in plane spaces, massless. (nD)
- The Multidimensional Theory in plane space, with mass. (nD + m)

In all cases above there appear black holes, as being the overcome of limits speeds. In both Theories of Relativity, the usual concept of Black Hole was changed. In both Multidimensional Theories there were introduced the Black Hole as a overcome to limit speed, concept that was necessarily introduced as delimiter of law of cause and effect.
In both Theories of Relativity, it was considered the concept of Loop. In the uncorrected Theory it is mandatory. On the other hand, in the second one, it’s not a must, but depends on the will of the thinking experimenter. Thus, there is the
possibility, depending on psyconeurological conditions of the subject, of progressing in dimensional rise or returning to the previous dimensions. The same fact happens in Multidimensional Theories in plane space.
Back to the initial point, the Psicons are identifiable in all the situations described above. It must be noted that the overcome of the limits speeds (light or cause and effect) conduct the real energies that inhabit our material vacuum, especially in non corrected cases and corrected of the Theory of Relativity. All the Relativistic Quantum Mechanics is built on assumptions that admit the Psicon of thought and the four-dimensional space and the non Relativistic Quantum Mechanics takes the Psicon in all its elaboration.

As Psicon’s Expressions Wave, are similar to the transformation equations of Lorentz-Einstein, it was tried to establish, for simple particles, a brief synthesis between Relativity and Quantum Mechanics.

As said before, this site is an ongoing research and bound states will be able to associate with transformation equations group; a more detailed incursion in General Theory of Relativity with mass and mesón potential of Yukawa, as well as others studies, even biopsychoneurological, are still open, though in universes with mass, be in Multidimensional Theory with mass, or in General Relativity, the Psicons are sired between the horizon of events and the infinite repulsive core of Black Holes still or pulsing. The others Black holes tend to still Black holes when charge, rotation, or both reaches zero.

4 – The concept of LINK is the key to the full comprehension of PSI. The applied states of consciousness are achieved by mental penetration in Primordial Vacuum. The states of consciousness are scales that can be measured by the electric activity of the central nervous system. Therefore, there are degrees of LINK with the dimensionless or imaginary world. The objects itself only have their existence assured by the semantics information of thought. It seems that the material universe is a “everlasting” function of thought, and this very same function was named as LINK "ESPECULAR".

5 – The experimental research of electromagnetic fields with counter photons didn’t take place here for practical reasons (refusal of Brazilian center of Physics Research- Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas) but the theoretical development of the Resulting Poynting vector is presented.

Moreover, both the CBPF as the Brazilian Society for Science Progress – SBPC refused articles on Psicon. But one of them was published in USA, in 1988, at the International Conference on Psychotronic Research – IAPR, West Georgia College, Carrolton, Georgia.

6 - Teleportation, supply, transportation etc. is presented by a wave function and expanded to de Mechanics UFOs.

7 – Cerebral Psychokinesis, or another, it’s outlined and calculated. The Brain was chosen for being a meaningful system for all of us and sensible to little variations on inner movements.

Telepathy is “interaction” itself between Psicons, as well as, being the objects of thought products, clairvoyance.

Cause and effect devoid of its throne by Psicon – Thought in imaginary time, the precognition is also explained.

Other phenomenon PSI, as downsing, cards and chiromancy are accepted by LINK as the vacuum trough specific vehicles that facilitate Altered (Amplified) States of Consciousness.

Astrology isn’t researched and my question about a possible psychic conduction of the gravitation waves was misinterpreted.

A lot of LINK’s opening mechanisms are presented, emphasizing that some of them are harmful to ego’s integrity. The endorphins were not studied, nor the epiphysis, despite, both had always interested me in production of PSI. The Ascending Reticular Activating System will be targeted by the already done theoretical research, but associating the variation in dopaminenergetic’s concentration in some of the structured of Reticular Formation.

8 – Parapsychology in Brazil and all the rest of the world is described in it’s various evolutionary stages, and may be considered “unknown”, at least in Brazil, by most of people, even those who live daily with the PSI experience.

9 – Einstein – Podolsky – Rosen Paradox is solved by Psicon in a Spanish (Argentina) study, but only in a schematic way.

Briefly will make a more “scientific” description of it’s psiconic solution, as well as the increase of Uncertainty Relations almost never remembered by other researches in Quantum Physics, after Bohr, as far as I know.

10 – Klein–Gordon Quantum–Relativistic Equation is solved for PSICONS. It shows that Dirac supposed the PSICON in his precursor equation formulation and establishes a new one, called, by me, Psiconic Equation.

11 – A general view of Parapsychology in Brazil in the world is outlined as well as briefly investigated or pensioned other theories of PSI.
As spoken before, the PSI research is still in progress, here and in the world, and therefore the errors are excusable beforehand.

12 – For an overview in Parapsychology and its current relations with modern physics I quote “Mentes Interligadas” roughly translated to “Entangled Minds” from the north-american parapsychologist of Institute of Noetic Sciences, Dean Radin, 2008, Aleph Editor, “Novo Pensamento (New Thought)” series, and excellent book to divulge the current PSI research in USA.