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 Dr. Raul Pessoa sobral

 Dra. Esther da Fonseca

 Dr. mario maciel

 Dra. glória lintz







Presented at the III National Parapsychology and Psychotronics Congress, this paper reports on the observations of a team of physicians, assisted by contributions from technical experts in other areas, constituting only an initial collection of data, still fairly incomplete, but which nevertheless seems to indicate the actions of vital energy force fields on biological processes through mechanisms offering improvements and cures for several diseases.

Apparently able to restore the health and vitality of sick people, the discovery of this vital energy and force field should necessarily be viewed as new acquisition for science, rather than as a contradiction of its precepts.  The challenge of proof is open to researchers willing to investigate it bravely, as they will have to face disbelief among many people, with severe criticisms from many others, in addition to overcoming the almost insurmountable barrier of a certain physicalistic orthodoxy that accepts nothing beyond the types of energy currently known and studied through physics and chemistry.

-  Belief in the healing powers of this vital energy stretches back into the mists of time, used since pre-historic times by wizards and healers.  Blending in with folk wisdom, it is somewhat discredited in modern times, viewed as a cluster of superstitions, magic or mystical practices that does not warrant properly-grounded scientific research.  This aspect has obviously been hampering wider knowledge of certain underlying truths that are hidden in its depths, which parapsychology - as a cutting-edge science - is now investigating and establishing within its domains.

-  Since Hippocrates, with his VIS MEDICATRIX NATURAE, physicians have believed in the healing powers of this energy through the ages, which can be proven as claimed by some authors, with only its names varying over time: the mana of Polynesian kahunas, the animal magnetism of Mesmer, the odic radiation of Reichenbach, the healing orgone energy of Reich and the curative power of laying-on of hands at spiritist Johrei sessions.  These and many other psycho-religious practices are nothing more than the influence of this vital energy, acting and interacting on the corresponding force fields of the patients being treated.  Agents able to transfer or channel this energy in order to work on the force fields of their patients are endowed with paranormal powers.  By their very nature and the intensity of their energy fields, they have this inborn ability, or else they develop it through appropriate exercises and training sessions.

-  Consisting of physicians interested in making good use of new conquests in parapsychological knowledge in the field of medicine, the Paramedicine Department of the Brazilian Parapsychology Association has been conducting research in two different areas: diagnosis through paranormal means and the use of these means for therapeutic purposes, meaning a broad range of specific types of knowledge generally encompassed by two major areas: psygamma and psykappa.  However, we were drawn to the second aspect – healing action – leaving studies of the first aspect for some other occasion, because by chance we came into contact with two paranormals endowed with healing powers: Ayres Ronaldo Silva Caldas Ivo Barros Caruso. The former spontaneously and kindly contacted us, offering his work for observation.  He believed that he was able to transmit “something” that acted on sick people, causing improvements or cures.  Sometime later, the second paranormal, with great skills in a different area of paranormality, and impressed with the work of the former, tested out his possibilities with us, also confirming that he was endowed with these healing powers.  This was thus the starting point for this paper.


1. PATIENT OBSERVATION The physicians signing this monograph (Esther da Fonseca, Mário Maciel and Glória Lintz) were supervised by Department Head Raul Pessoa Sobral and assisted by professors Solange Barandier Nogueira da Cruz and Rosemonde de Castro Pinto, who are technical experts in educational matters.

2. WORKING GROUPS Two groups were set up, one to oversee the work of paranormal Ayres RONALDO Silva Caldas and the other the work of paranormal IVO Barros Caruso.

3. STUDY OF THE PARANORMALS The paranormals were examined, checking their physical, psychological and social conditions.  It was noted that they were both in good physical and mental health, and well adjusted socially.

4. PATIENTS SELECTION rules were drawn up for patient acceptance, avoiding applications to people undergoing medical treatments or other types of therapy.  Through this approach, we strove to avoid the outcomes being attributed to medications, rather than the effects of bioenergy.  We started to work with realistically-minded patients suffering from advanced neoplasias with fatal prognoses, whose estimated survival times were very short.  Perhaps bioenergy could alter their survival times or slow the inexorable course of their diseases to their fatal outcomes.  Subsequently, we began to experiment with applications on extremely sick patients suffering from diseases for which no effective treatments exist.  Finally, having concluded that something really did change, intervening in the biological processes of the patient when receiving the applications, we decided to try out these applications on several other diseases with better prognoses.




A) DISTANCE BETWEEN THE PARANORMAL AND THE PATIENT: Although the paranormals stated that they could work remotely, all the applications were conducted with the paranormal and the patient present, even when this meant taking the paranormal to the location of bed-ridden patients.

B) INTERACTIONS BETWEEN THE PARANORMALS: In order to avoid any interactions, the paranormals worked on different days.

C) AVOIDING SUGGESTION: When dealing with human beings, it is very difficult to prevent the effects of suggestion.  We took all possible precautions to try and prevent this.  We are scheduling supplementary experiments, not with human beings, in order to test the action of bioenergy with no possibilities of suggestion.  Bees, ants and rats will be divided into two batches, after anesthesia, one of which will receive applications.  The response will be the recovery time to active status for the energized group and the control group.

D) NUMBER OF APPLICATIONS: five to nine on average, although some patients needed more applications.

E) TIME BETWEEN APPLICATIONS: five to seven days.

F) APPLICATION AREAS: On the head, chest and abdomen, with some applications using both hands, and others with only one, always following the same phases in a sequence, lasting some thirteen minutes.  It should be recalled that while paranormals in the USSR worked with daily applications lasting twenty minutes, the two paranormals in Brazil worked with far longer gaps between applications, and nevertheless still produced good results.


6. CASE DIAGNOSES: The patients brought in diagnoses signed by physicians, with supplementary examinations being accepted in order to confirm that they suffered from these diseases, including those conducted during treatment.  In some cases, further examinations were our responsibility, in order to check the outcomes and assess their progress. 

7. COURSE OF TREATMENT: Some patients are still in the initial stages of treatment, making current assessments more uncertain, as modifications may occur through to the end of treatment. 



Due to the limited size of this paper, it is not practical to present an analysis of each case; consequently, a Table presents summary of the outcomes for the patients, their diseases and the results, abbreviated as follow: “C” - (cure); “GI” - (great improvement); “SI” - (slight improvement); “NI” - (no improvement); “A” - (abandoned treatment); “CT” - (continues in treatment); “D” - (death); “UO” - (under observation).

This SUMMARY TABLE is appended, presenting the outcomes for each paranormal, and should be studied before continuing to read this paper.



Datasheet Nº 3R – EXPANDING BRAIN TUMOR: there was no biopsy, due to the location of the tumor, meaning that the nature of the blastoma was not ascertained.  The patient was referred by the Hospital de Ipanema to the Clínica São Carlos, where oncologist Dr.  Heleno de Albuquerque undertook the treatments mentioned below, with a diagnosis of “cerebral blastoma”.  In October 1980, computerized tomography showed: “expanding lesion in the right cerebral hemisphere”.  By mid-December that year, the patient had already received 34 cobalt treatments, with no favorable reaction.  Chemotherapy then began, using Citostal.  Three months later, with the fourth treatment cycle completed, no improvements were noted.  The patient continued to suffer convulsive crises, was unable to hold objects in his hands and walked with much difficulty, using a cane.  Incapacitated for work, he was dismissed from his job as a laboratory technician, spending almost all his time at home.  On May 8, 1981 he began to receive bioenergy applications from paranormal RONALDO, repeated weekly through to June 12, totaling five applications.  From the first application onwards, improvements began to appear and rapidly increased, to the extent that the patient returned to work, feeling well and practically cured.  In late October, the computerized tomography was repeated, with the report disclosing, to general surprise that the tumoral lesion had vanished, leaving only a small-density area that did not show the contrast, meaning the trace scar left by the cured tumor.  As sequelae, the patient merely limps with his left leg.  At our Institute, Dr.  Heleno de Albuquerque confirmed his opinion that this case constituted an extraordinary cure.

Datasheet Nº 15-R - MEDULLARY APLASIA: This is a disease with no effective cure, except for a bone marrow transplant, which is hazardous and open for discussion, due to frequent rejection and death of the patient.  The patient had been sick and under treatment for some two years.  He worked as a diesel engine mechanic at Fiat, and was thus forced to constantly breathe air polluted by toxic components in the gases discharged by the engines.  He felt weak, fatigued and was very pale.  The company medical unit submitted him to several examinations, with the physicians finally reaching a diagnosis of medullary hypoplasia.  He was no longer strong enough to work and was dismissed from his job.  Starting treatment, severe anemia required frequent blood transfusions.  Laboratory examinations at the hematology unit where the patient was registered were repeated frequently, showing extremely low figures.  Consequently, his hematocrit (globular value of 100 ml total blood), which hovers around 47% in a normal man, varying by +/- 5% had fallen to incredibly low levels in this patient, down to 13%, rising to 17% and 19% only after transfusions and then dropping steadily back to 13% and 14% over the next ten days.  The appended Table presents the variation in his hematocrit and the number of leukocytes, as well as transfusions during the treatment period.  Unfortunately, we have no information on the number of platelets1, which was initially very low at 40,000/mm3; the normal level is 150,000 to 400,000/mm3.  We began treatment with bioenergy through paranormal RONALDO on January 6, 1982, with ten applications.  As shown in this Table, the patient needed blood transfusions only through to February 8, with his subsequent hematocrits posting far higher levels.  From February 8 onwards, with no transfusions, his hematocrits continued to rise, reaching 40% in May and 44% in June.  There are no further symptoms, with this patient being “clinically cured”.  This case may also be considered as “extraordinary”.*

  1. In May 1982, his platelets count reached 210,000/mm3, with a hematocrit of 45%.

Datasheet Nº 5-I - TENOSYNOVITIS, TENDINITIS, BURSITIS AND BREAST LUMP: We highlight this case because it shows that bioenergy works globally.  For around two years, a patient had been presenting the entire right elbow and forearm inflamed, with severe pains that grew worse during the night.  This resulted in almost complete functional incapacity, as she was unable to lift items nor drive a car, as all and any movement with the upper right limb made the pain worse.  Three joint infiltrations made no difference, as the pain remained severe.  On March 25, 1982 she started bioenergy applications with paranormal IVO, with nine applications through to this date.  From the second application onwards, the pains grew milder, until they vanished completely.  Additionally, muscular atrophy that had been appearing on her forearm and a hard lump growing in her left breast vanished completely.

Datasheet Nº 23-R - GENERALIZED MUSCULAR HYPOTONIA: The case of this girl dates back to 1975, when she began to encounter difficulties in walking, then finding it hard to stand.  As her muscular hypotonia increased, her symptoms worsened until she no longer able to move and her body bent forward, with her muscles becoming markedly atrophied.  Muscle biopsy and electro-excitation diagnosis of her lower limbs and her clinical status led to a diagnosis of “generalized muscular hypotonia”, confirmed in 1978 by Dr.  Antonio Marmo Campos.  All the treatments attempted produced no results over the years, with the patient’s legs being totally paralyzed due to muscular hypotonia, with her chest bent sharply forwards.  Bioenergy applications by paranormal RONALDO began on April 20, 1982 at the patient’s home, always monitored by two physicians who were friends of the family.  After the fourth application on May 11, 1982, improvements began to appear, becoming increasingly more noticeable.  By June 1, 1982, the patient was already able to move her legs and stretch them out.  When raised to her feet, she could stand alone.  Her leg muscles became far stronger.  When lying down, she was able to lift her upper body and sit.  Her spine was less curved than previously.  When supported, she could remain standing for almost fifteen minutes, balancing well.  What can be said about this case, with such amazing improvements?


1. MALIGNANT NEOPLASIAS – Among the six cases of malignant neoplasias (Datasheets Nºs.  4-R, 9-R, 13-R, 18-R (RONALDO), 7-I and 8-I (IVO)), with fatal prognoses issued by physicians, death could not be prevented in four cases, but it seems to us that bioenergy could well be credited for a longer survival time, compared to earlier estimates.  For Datasheet Nº 4-R (RONALDO), rapid progress of the disease and a fatal outcome was forecast, with no more than fifteen days survival time after the exploratory laparotomy, showing generalized neoplasia throughout the entire abdomen, invading the pancreas, epiploon, intestines, etc.  However, after the start of the bioenergy applications by paranormal RONALDO, the patient presented amazing improvements, with far less pain and better general status, followed by stagnation.  What is quite extraordinary is that almost nine months after the first application the patient still remains alive, although in an extremely delicate condition that does not allow any alteration in the initial prognosis.  How has this inexplicably long survival time been achieved? The only treatment has been bioenergy, now at twenty applications.  In Datasheet Nº 18-R (RONALDO), a terminal cancer patient presented physical improvements after the first two applications, with a better color and happier mood.  He traveled six hours to receive bioenergy applications from paranormal RONALDO and did not feel tired.  However, the destructive process was so widespread that he was unable to resist, dying some time later.

2. UNIDENTIFIED TUMORS- Datasheets Nº 2-R, 3-R, 10-R, 14-R, 22-R (RONALDO), and 9-I (IVO) show the following outcomes: cures (2), great improvement (3), and at the start of treatment (1), still under observation.  Thus, bioenergy worked in the five cases studied.

3. EFFECTS ON DYSRHYTHMIAS – For the cases presented in Datasheets Nº 1-R and 5-R (RONALDO), there was great improvement for the first patient, with the second patient being cured, returning to normal with no other treatment. 

4. CHRONIC KIDNEY FAILURE – For the cases presented in Datasheets Nº 16-R and 19-R (RONALDO), there were only improvements that might not be due to bioenergy, as both patients were undergoing hemodialysis.

5. OTHER INDICATIONS – There are still many doubts about which diseases might benefit patients through bioenergy, as this is a topic that is controversial and not widely studied, with vague and uncertain information published on these topics.  We decided to use it indiscriminately on patients contacting us, or who were referred by other colleagues.  With no definitive conclusions, it nevertheless seems to us that the patients almost always benefited to varying extents, achieving at least an apparent improvement in their general status.  So far, we are unaware of any counter-indications.

6. CELL REVITALIZATION – Cell revitalization for the elderly also seems a possibility of much interest.  In Russia, studies and observations have been conducted of some famous paranormals, including Alexei and Victor Krivorotov, father and son, who underwent tests at the University of Tiflis in Georgia.  Others, such as Ivanof, who is eighty years old and still full of vitality, mentioned as an energy “support” for Brezhnev ...  These studies are so confidential that we have heard only a few legends about them.  Reports on this topic appear briefly in books, magazines and journals in the non-scientific press.  Nevertheless, we find it odd and worthwhile noting that the feelings mentioned by the clients of the Krivorotovs, such as heat, pain in the affected places, tingling, or the flow of an electric current (bioelectricity?), etc., also appear and were recorded in the patients under observation, who used bioenergy provided by our two paranormals.

7. SENSATIONS FELT - IMPROBABILITY OF SUGGESTION – No patient was told about what they might feel during the applications, in order to avoid possible suggestions.  Coincidentally, all of them sensed feelings of heat at strong, medium or weak intensities in the affected regions.  Sometimes a cold sensation was noted, almost freezing, as well as jabs, tugs, pulls, pressure and shivers.  During the first application of bioenergy by paranormal RONALDO, the patient with cerebral blastoma mentioned strong heat and pain in his head on the right hand side (site of the tumor).  For the second session, he was unable to bear the application for more than five seconds, moving his head sideways (the other side from the affected area).  During the third session, he felt as though something sharp were driving into his brain.  The paranormal complained of an “unpleasant smell”.  During the fourth session, there were only pains, with no feeling of heat.  It is interesting to mention that, amongst all the patients, these feelings always became weaker and vanished as the symptoms improved and the examinations returned to normal, or a cure was achieved, making it improbable that these sensations were due to suggestions.

In the Republic Hospital in Tiflis, patients were selected who did not speak Russian, in order to avoid the use of the language and possible suggestive effects.  Subjected to applications by Alexei Krivorotov, thirty patients suffering from post-operative paralysis in their arms and hands, others suffering from chronic migraines, lower back pains etc., presented positive outcomes, ranging from improvements to cures.

8. SOMATIC REACTIONS OF THE PARANORMALS - after eight to ten applications to different patients, RONALDO lost half a kilo in weight.  Despite being very fit, this physical wear and tear seemed to eat away at his defenses as the bioenergy applications had to be suspended on several occasions, with the paranormal becoming vulnerable to infections with high fever and a clinical status that required him to remain in bed.  Drinking large amounts of water between applications and following a special high-protein diet solved the weight loss problem.  This did not occur with IVO, but both of them complained of fatigue and physical weakness during the day after many applications.

9. RECIPROCITY AND INTERACTION – in terms of possible reciprocal interactions between the force fields of the paranormal and the patient, it is worthwhile mentioning an occurrence with paranormal RONALDO: on two occasions, when working with the patient described in Datasheet Nº 17-R, suffering from breast cancer with an open suppurating wound caused by taking material for biopsy, RONALDO smelt an unbearably unpleasant smell, leaving him nauseous and wanting to vomit.  However, when working with him, the patient was always dressed, with no special smell, and only the physicians had seen the lesion during the examination.

10. BIOENERGY AND CONSCIOUS CONTROL- in general, when paranormals are engaged in applications, they consciously concentrate on their actions, preferring silent places with dim lighting.  The Krivorotovs believe that they control the process through consciousness.  However, at our request, paranormal RONALDO worked with applications “thinking about something else” on several occasions, even chatting, deliberately diverting his aware attention from his activities, although he obviously remained aware of what he was doing.  We have not reached any conclusion on whether people endowed with healing powers transfer their own energy or instead channel energy from some higher source. 

11. BIOENERGY AND ACUPUNCTURE – we know that, through acupuncture techniques, it is possible to rebalance the energy flows of the body - known to the Chinese as chi - when they are blocked.  Might the bioenergy of these paranormals work at the energy level, freeing up these flows and adjusting them to evenly balanced parameters? This is what seems to occur when graphs were prepared for patients, measuring the electric charges at meridian projection points on the skin, before and after the bioenergy applications.  They tended to move towards the evenly balanced range for the twelve meridians after the applications, while they were severely unbalanced in the graph drawn up prior to treatment.  Oddly enough, the graphs for paranormal RONALDO after the applications showed higher electric charges.  During the transfer process to the recipient patient, the vital energy leaves residual traces of its consumption on the donor paranormal, expressed through an increase in electric charges.

12. BIOENERGY AND KIRLIAN PHOTOGRAPHS - Kirlian photographs may also provide interesting information.  The collection at the Brazilian Psycho-Biophysics Institute in São Paulo includes Kirlian photographs of bioenergy donors and recipients before, during and after the applications, with a reduction in the luminosity and clarity of the corona effect for the donor and increasing in the recipient as the application continues.  This suggests that the phenomenon flows from the highest to the lowest level.  Kirlian photographs prepared at the Rio de Janeiro Parapsychology Institute by Professor Mário Amaral for the two paranormals being studied and patients receiving bioenergy also show the same result: significant alterations in the corona effects of the patients, with greater luminosity, thickness and uniformization of the discharge range in the recipients, with the reverse occurring in the paranormals after the application.  Kirlian photographs of paranormal IVO in an alpha state showed increased luminosity and a broader band of light, which also occurred far more intensely in photographs taken after anesthetizing the right middle finger of this paranormal.  The anesthesia probably inhibits the natural control mechanisms of the organism, resulting in an increase in irradiation.  Through the corona effect, Kirlian photographs record quantitative alterations in irradiated energy.

13. BIOENERGY AND ORGONE – in one of his principles, Reich affirms that orgone energy flows from the lowest charge to the highest charge, unlike other types of energy.  In contrast, as explained previously, bioenergy seems to flow from the highest charge to the lowest charged, in an apparent contradiction.  This is why we believe that the universal energy (prana, orgone) in the body of the paranormal undergoes a metabolization process, assuming a different status.  In this new status, the energy is ready to be used, as vital energy per se or bioenergy, flowing from the highest charge to the lowest charge, in contrast to orgone, as shown by the above-mentioned Kirlian photographs.  The rapid improvements noted by us in some cases would be due to the fact that this energy is directly usable with no need for any elaboration.  It works through reactivating the self-reparatory functions of the recipient organism, paving the way for disease-damaged cells to return to normal.  This was the case with third degree cerebral dysrhythmia that had been treated for thirteen years with no improvement and with no modification in the EEG (Datasheet Nº 1-R (RONALDO).  After the bioenergy applications by paranormal RONALDO, the patient no longer suffered from migraines, with the new EEG disclosing only a “discrete dysrhythmia”.  Additionally, for the medullary aplasia, the explanation would lie in the regeneration of damaged tissues, newly empowered to perform their functions properly in terms of hematopoiesis, leukopoiesis, megakaryocytes or platelets.  As at least the first two functions alter when moving towards a cure, everything indicates that the same occurs with the third.  Unfortunately, we have no knowledge of the findings of the last platelet counts,2 nor of the myelograms taken at the Hematology Institute.  As not only the red blood series benefited, but also the white blood cells and probably the platelets, we believe that bioenergy actions must take place at the level of undifferentiated pluripotent stem cells in the bone marrow, and may possibly also simulate committed stem cells as well.  Once energized, the latter absorb the influence of the erythropoietin, leucopoietin and thrombopoietin factors better, which steer the initial cells to the erythrocyte bloodlines of the leukocytes and platelets.  Only at this level would the actions of bioenergy on these three essential functions to life be understood, as everything seems to indicate occurred.

For the two cases mentioned above, without efficacious treatments through “mass” therapy, the cure mechanism is activated by the energy transfusion.

 (2) In May 1982, the platelets count reached 210,000/mm3.



Focusing almost exclusively to the relationship between the paranormal and the patient, due to other resources, we do not supplement our observations with biochemical measurements, EEG and ECG printouts, measurements of the electrostatic and magnetic field variations and other examinations, which might well offer valuable information.  This paper is limited to the simple observation of case progress, based on purely clinical criteria.  We have no significant statistical data available, nor any final conclusions, or even any acceptable answers, as the work is merely beginning, with everything still be done.  There can be no denying that some cases respond in extraordinary and amazing ways.  We know that the reigning disbelief will attribute this to “faulty observation”, “suggestion”, “coincidence”, or even the delayed action of the medications taken previously.  Meanwhile, psycho-religious options, mysticisms and shamanism are expanding steadily, providing this strange type of treatment in non-medical areas.  In this heterogeneous blend, we must acknowledge that cures appear, defying explanation, and not in small numbers! Attributing them to “suggestion” is overly simplistic, explaining nothing.  More complete research is required, at more intensive levels, particularly in the medical field of parapsychology.  It is necessary to explore in greater depth the probable modifications in the biological, physical and chemical fields, and the psychological processes of paranormals that empower them to deploy these healing powers whose evidence seem undeniable, in some of the experiences described above.  An urgent reply is need for this question: