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Interviewer – We are here with Ronaldo Ayres once more as part of the program on the unconscious and the mysteries of the mind, and Ronaldo is one of these mysteries. In the conversation we had in private he didn’t even explain how all this started.  Ronaldo, you are one of the greatest healers I know.  There are also incredible cases of healing bones, cures for cancer, diseases that are considered incurable.  How did all this start for you?

Ronaldo – In the beginning I would feel something strange, but I didn’t know what was happening, until one day I had a powerful intuitive feeling that I could cure certain diseases using my finger or my hand.  So what did I do? I got in contact with the Brazilian Parapsychology Association in Rio de Janeiro.

Interviewer – How old were you at the time?

Ronaldo – At the time when I got in touch with the Association for research, that was in 1980.  So a high level medical team was created, and this very rigorous and very serious research process took almost two years.  At the end of their research, the scientists found evidence that led them to the conclusion that there was some possibility of activity in the healing field.

Interviewer – Now Ronaldo, you are not a mystic are you?

Ronaldo – No, I am not a mystic, I am a natural therapist.  I am paranormal.

Interviewer – Healing occurs simply through Ronaldo’s hands, through a beam, a special kind of energy, that comes out…  And you don’t know where it comes from, do you Ronaldo?

Ronaldo – This energy, they tried to identify it, but unfortunately they weren’t able to. The only conclusion they came to is that it works.  But the origin of it is unknown.

Interviewer – So Ronaldo tell us a bit about the case of that fifteen year old girl who had a bone tumor, didn’t she, and who was going to have her leg amputated. I would like you to show the x-rays, and there is one interesting detail, Ronaldo also researches himself.  So he seeks to document everything about himself in relation to all the cases he has worked with.

Ronaldo – I have to, as a rule, believe in facts, so I underwent this research also to convince myself.  The case of this teenage girl, at the time she was fifteen.  This was the first case.  Since then we have already been able to stop thirteen legs and two arms from being amputated.

Interviewer – That’s incredible isn’t it? In this case, for example, the doctors had recommended amputation.

Ronaldo – At this point the girl was fifteen.  She was practicing ballet when she felt a pain in her ankle.  So her mother took her to a doctor, the doctor examined her, the family doctor, and he said it was nothing.  He prescribed a course of anti-inflammatory and asked her to use a hot compress on it over the following month. After that the disease evolved and the situation became more severe.  At this point the girl was taken to a specialist.  In the x-ray the specialist saw the growth, a growth means a tumor, you know.  She was taken to hospital and had her first operation.  It is important to highlight that all the biopsies were performed by the best pathologist in Rio de Janeiro at the time.  Then the first operation was done and they extracted the growth.  A few months later, the relapse occurred.  Relapse means that the tumor has come back, that was the first relapse. Second surgery.  In this second surgery apart from the removal of the tumor the doctors also performed a bone graft, and they imagined the situation was under control.  But unfortunately it wasn’t.  The situation got even worse.

Interviewer – And that’s when they got in touch with you?

Ronaldo – No, not yet.  A few months later they performed the third operation and the second bone graft.  The pathologist was one of the best in his field in Rio de Janeiro and in Brazil, and with material taken in the third operation he made the following diagnosis: Tumor with giant cells.  The recurring aggressive nature of the tumor makes ample segmental resection recommendable.  Do you know what that is? It’s amputation of the leg.

Interviewer – It’s the worst diagnosis that someone can receive…  Just a minute, excuse me… this is important to show because that it is one of the most terrible diagnoses, without showing the name of the person, of course.

Ronaldo – So the surgeon initially didn’t accept such a violent diagnosis, amputating the leg of a fifteen year old girl and started to appeal to last resorts.  After almost sixty five days he had an x-ray taken which I have with me here and which I will show, and faced with what the x-ray showed, he wrote an evaluation of all three operations closing with the comments “We recommend surgical procedure with resection” and in brackets  “Amputation of the leg”, he stamped it and signed it.  The girl was taken to hospital for the amputation but was lucky because her father was a friend of mine.  So her father got in touch with me and said “let’s try” because I have to, on principle, promise absolutely nothing.

Interviewer – And you also don’t diagnose conditions do you?

Ronaldo – No, I don’t diagnose conditions.  I would be committing a crime if I did.  It would be considered illegal practice of medicine.  In fact I only treat patients who are being treated by a doctor and who have already been given a diagnosis.  Another important point is that my treatment is not aggressive, it does not conflict with conventional medicine, it runs parallel to it.  But going back to the young lady, then her father got in touch with me and I promised absolutely nothing, as I don’t promise to heal anyone.  But he decided to take a chance.  He asked the doctor, the doctor who was treating the girl, and the doctor was against it.  Of course, the doctor was not familiar with this kind of treatment and maybe to protect the girl, maybe to protect her from some crazy practices, recommended to the girl’s father that this should not be done.  But what the father said was “He is going to amputate my daughter’s leg in forty days anyway, it’s not going to heal, so I’ll try this treatment.”  So we started to perform the treatment.  And luckily… this does not mean that all cases will respond in the same way, luckily her body was very receptive to this type of irradiation.

Interviewer – This x-ray is one of the most important, most impressive things I have ever seen.  How exactly is the procedure done?

Ronaldo – For this treatment, to give you an idea, I don’t touch the patient.

Interviewer – What you do is a placement of the hands, isn’t it?

Ronaldo – Oh, yes, of course, I use my finger, my fingers, or my hand.  It depends on the case.  An example, the intracranial tumor that I have here.  This patient underwent conventional treatments, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, but unfortunately, none of this worked.

Interviewer – And this was an inoperable tumor?

Ronaldo – This was an inoperable tumor because of its position, an intracranial tumor in a sensitive place that made surgery impossible.  The patient already had a prognosis that indicated limited survival expectation, and so I was requested to provide him with a death with dignity.  It was actually a doctor friend of mine who asked me to do this.  I explained that my specialty is not giving people death with dignity, but rather life with dignity.

Interviewer – Yes that’s very good.

Ronaldo – He underwent the treatment and fortunately responded well.  The tumor disappeared.

Interviewer – That’s impressive, impressive.

Ronaldo – I have the proof here.  This is the tumor case.  I don’t know if you will be able to see? This is the computerized tomography.  So as you can see, these paler points here, and this one here that the arrow is pointing at is the same tumor, because the tomography is like a series of slices of the brain.  This is how the patient was before I treated him.  Six months after my treatment, he was already working normally, recovering over twelve kilos in weight, and look, he was completely recovered.  I mean, there’s an interesting point here, the tumor was not removed. This is because the tumor is not the cause, it is the consequence.  To remove the tumor does not mean that you eradicated the problem.  What causes the lesion is what’s in the blood stream.  That’s why immunotherapy is important.

Interviewer – We are approaching the third millennium aren’t we?  And it’s important that people don’t run away from these abilities of the mind. Abilities that are not known, that are not proven by conventional medicine but that are completely real.  Of course, as in all fields, it is important to separate the wheat from the chaff.  This is why I am very careful with the people I bring here.  I try to first get ample proof, I send people to undergo treatments and then I bring the person to prove that it is possible.  This type of treatment will definitely be widely used in the third millennium. There are also some universities like Stanford University, the medical research department, that are seeking answers to this type of alternative treatment that Ronaldo practices.

Ronaldo – Now I am going to show the public the case with the leg.  Look, this is the x-ray.  This is the x-ray taken before treatment.  The bone was all fragmented.  Six months after my treatment, the bone was completely recovered.  Because of this, amputation of the leg of the fifteen year old girl was avoided.


Muniz Sodré

Social Sciences professor

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

I think that regarding these phenomena, there are three areas that need attention. Firstly there is the issue of credibility.  There is the universal sceptic who does not believe something even if he sees it.  Then there is the universal believer who says he saw something even when he didn’t.  And there is the person who possesses paranormal abilities himself who sometimes has difficulty controlling that which in his body is undetermined, is uncontrolled. These phenomena are not something that exists within the realm of control or absolute determination.  I’ve known Ronaldo for many years and I have been observing him…  First of all he is a characteristically serious person.  This phenomenon that manifests itself in him is really authentic and he is powerful in producing this phenomenon.  Ronaldo is more of a serene person, he is persistent in what he does.  But he has a scientific mentality, a positivist mentality, in the sense that he believes in the proof.  So he seeks to document before, during and after the stages of the process.


Ana Flavia Miziara

Businessperson and software producer

The first time I had contact with Ronaldo it was fantastic because he has a very great image, a spirit, and you can sense that he is full of light.


Belô Veloso

Singer and composer

More than being a great professional as a paranormal practitioner he is a great human being.  He is humanitarian, generous, he is a friend.  This is one of the things that I most admire in Ronaldo.



Ronaldo Ayres discovered his paranormal abilities when he was still a child.  Recently he has associated his powers to western medicine to help people with health problems.  The powers that Ronaldo has have already been proven by the Brazilian Association of Parapsychology.  He is one of the most important alternative therapists in Brazil.  With twenty tears experience, he is a serious professional who values new treatments.


Elói de Miranda


I had the opportunity to read a report published by a panel of doctors led by a psychiatrist who evaluate the activities of paranormal people one of whom was Ayres Ronaldo Silva Caldas or Ronaldo, in which patients for whom there was no recommendable treatment, which is the euphemism that medicine uses to avoid using the word terminal.  The patients underwent sessions of bioenergy treatment. And the result, which was recorded according to scientific methodology with the use of statistical techniques was surprising.  People’s life expectancy was extended with improved quality of life, others recovered significantly and others were completely cured.


Carlos Lessa


Professor, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

I had throat cancer that developed through my glands.  I was operated and underwent chemo and radiotherapy.  After this process was completed, I was extremely debilitated.  I was a shadow of a human being.  At this point I was introduced to Ronaldo, who was with me throughout this time.  What I can say about Ronaldo, with whom I spend time once a week, is that he is connected to my recovery.  Now I am practically normal. I always feel the presence of Ronaldo’s hands, as though they were producing heat, as though they were producing something that enters, especially, in the area that was operated.  And during these last two years I would like to say that I did not have even a cold.


Ana Lima

Clinical Psychologist

I have problems with my knees.  They would never heal because whenever they were almost better I would hurt them again.  I don’t know if this means that the tendons get stretched, I really don’t know, but the swelling would never go down.  And then I did a series of treatments with Ronaldo, and at that time he was developing a cd-rom for treatment at home and he gave me one of these cd-roms so that I could try it to see how I would feel.  So I would do the treatment with him at his office and at home I would do the treatment with Virtual Energy for extra support. After I had finished the series of treatments, my knee felt much better, and I continued to use the cd-rom for maintenance, as Ronaldo recommended.


Elói da Miranda


One day I woke up feeling like the entrance to my stomach was on fire and I called Ronaldo and said “Ronaldo, the situation is really bad”.  And he says “What are you feeling?” and added “how do you feel?” I say “I feel as though I were attached to the place where germs are spontaneously generated”.  “No, no, stop that. Where does it hurt?”  I answered “At the entrance to my stomach, it’s burning, it’s going to explode”.  He then said “So are you lying down?” “I am holding hands with the ectoplasm,” “Elói, calm down, put the phone in your right hand and hold your left hand above the place that is hurting, on the hairs, without touching the skin.  Hold on tight.” And then I waited a few minutes, two, three, I can’t remember.  At the most you feel some heat.  “Are you feeling warmth?” and I answered “But my hand is warm”.  So I don’t know how much you feel or how much you think you feel, but the fact is that after the treatment was done he said “do you feel better?”  I said “no” “Ok just relax a bit, and later we will speak again.”  I pulled the sheets up and I slept a deep heavy sleep and awoke to feel the sweet sensation of the absence of pain.


Claudia Damasceno


During that week I had been having kidney problems and I was under allopathic medication.  But the pain increased exactly when he was there, because that’s how kidneys are, you have that thing, those peaks of pain.  That’s when he told me about his work, what he did and he gave me a treatment, and the pain stopped immediately.


Ana Flavia Miziara

Businessperson and software producer

This energy that he works with, in some way or another one, is receptive to it.  In other words you have some symptom of this energy that he works with. In my case for example it was an ear problem, a problem in a very delicate position; I could feel something like a laser passing exactly through that area.  It felt as though he was literally reconstructing the bone that had been ravaged by the tumor.  My tomography showed a very large tumor.  It was, I don’t know, ten to fifteen centimeters wide.  I had twenty four sessions with Ronaldo Ayres.  I had surgery as he recommended.  During the operation, the biggest specialists in Latin America in the ear nose and throat field, when they opened my ear they saw that my tomography did not match the symptom, in other words the tumor that was in my ear. Doctors of medicine, including the University of São Paulo, renowned doctors in Brazil, as well as doctors from my family because my family is full of doctors, they are all scientists and doctors of medicine, and they couldn’t explain it.  Obviously I knew that it had been the sessions with Ronaldo Ayres.


Elói de Miranda


I believe that Ronaldo works well with everything that is somatic, in other words if stress has turned into chronic pain he is probably capable of relieving that pain.  Now I can’t say to what degree.  He says for instance that he cannot cure panic, alcoholism, drugs and aftereffects of cerebral vascular accidents, but in all other areas his energy works.  So I want to believe that each one of us would do well to use Ronaldo’s bioenergy in prevention, because he is very modest and usually says that he does not do anything himself.  What he can do is send stimuli to the person’s immune system so that our capacity for regeneration can perform more effectively.



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