Parapsicologia RJ - Geraldo dos Santos Sarti








Dedicated to Dean Radin,
PhD, Psi researcher of the
Institute of  Noetic Sciences


The aim is to express physically and mathematically the mind as the universal element that gives meaning to matter and its various manifestations.

The Psi phenomenon is the most immediate application as a form of expression of the pure consciousness and it was about it that we used our formulation to describe the processes that were didactically separated into Extra sensorial Perceptions, (instantaneous) Telepathy, Precognition and Psychokinesis. The Psi phenomenon can be complex, involving combinations extra sensorial and telepathic events,   cognitions out of real time and Psychokinesis.

The mind is expressed as plane wave free of interactions with real potentials, stretching itself into the continuous and infinite harmonic oscillatory spectrum.

Wave aggregated and detached from the continuous represent specific geometric and oscillatory concepts, characteristics that allow their identification in the spectrum.

The free plane wave, with the use of the de Broglie’s expressions, can be wholly equaled to the free particle of the transformation equations by Lorentz. Unlike Schroedinger, Einstein took these equations to find the mass. The first is Newton's and second Relativistic.

It would be necessary to establish an additional transformation that made Lorentz’s particle equations as periodical as the free complex wave. Four ways have open up:

1.   De Moivre’s application to the free wave.

2.   Application of the logarithm to the free wave.

In this case, one would reach the entropy and the syntactic information of the matter. The application of the logarithm in the wave, converts it in the imaginary Lorentz.

3.   Producing oscillation of Lorentz’s equations through the quantum commutation of the free wave and consequent elimination of Heisenberg’s uncertainty allow the approximation of the quantum theory to the special relativity.

Our attempt was also to give the free plane wave the simplifying characteristic that drew Einstein’s attention in the EPR paradox as the missing element in the physical theory for its completeness. Thus, the subjectivity inherent to consciousness comes to be part of the physical theory.

4.   The fourth way would be the passage of the geometrical expressions of the free particles and free waves to the matter.

The use of a matter creator operator applied to the plane wave function would be a solution that would remain unknown.

However, we shall take advantage of Einstein’s own passage of Lorentz’s free particle to matter without the use of speed, aiming to put an end to the implicit unknown of matter creator operator.

In this case, Lorentz’s correction factor plays a fundamental role.

The expression of metric interval in special relativity, which is obtained directly from Lorentz’s time transformations, is assumed to be essential to the multidimensional formulation of waves and free particles (PSICONS), involving necessarily imaginary speeds and greater than the speed of light with reference to matter. The multidimensional formulation of PSICONS is implicit in the development of our work and differs from the 4-space by Minkowsky.

The spiral or helical multidimensional cosmology can be obtained as an infinite sequence of PSICONS of the continuous spectrum for each inner multiple of the speed of light, as if multiple universes of consciousness separated from their only origin or “zero point”, without the need of “loop” (a universe in a continuously rising spiral with multiple hyper-dimensional universes). By the geometric negligence of acceleration in the isotropic cosmological solution by Friedman, the use of general relativity seems not to influence  the result of such a cosmology that has been presented and initially obtained in other studies of this same site.

Finally, the physical equality between the drawing of reality, matter, and the drawing of consciousness, thought, can be psychologically expressed as ‘link”, given the total absence of physical interaction between mind and matter. This conceptual element of signification of the mass, I believe it to be what Freud and, in general, Jung, called the unconscious and that it cannot be accepted completely by individuals under penalty of sticking the real (Lacan) or loss of identity or disorganization.

The resistance to the “link’ points out the greater or lesser detachment of matter and the concept is thus the necessary condition to the progressive separation of matter with the increase in the resistance to the “real” (case of concept projected on matter: “resistance” 1, minimum zero speed).

The Psi phenomenon moves between this state itself and the universal states of ESP which are only interconnected semantic information or entangled minds (Radin).

To the reader:




Initially one sets out from the plane wave function.

Ψ = ei (kx - wt).

The exponent in (k x - w t), as it is about a periodical wave, can be simply reverted to (x - v t).

Observe that its division by k, where k can take any value although constant to a wave, that is,

, makes it identical to (x - v t)

This occurs because


Consequently, Ψ = ei (kx - wt)  = ei (x - v t) .


2- 1st COMMUTATION of Ψ : p x  to Δp Δx = 0

Back to the function Ψ = ei (kx - wt), its application to the operator commutator [ Pop xop - xop Pop ] Ψ, replacing the quantum operators, comes:


It must be verified that p and x, are quantities that do not commute, this is, there is no simultaneous wave function for both quantities, so that they attend to Heisenberg’s Principle of Uncertainty.

Developing the above operation and zeroing the result, one obtains undoubtedly


3 - 2nd COMMUTATION of
Ψ: E t to ΔE Δt = 0

Doing the same to the pair energy - time will lead to:

[ Eop top - top Eop ] Ψ = 0

With the operators, will come


This operation will also result in

E t = - i ħ  or


The results obtained in (3) and (4) will immediately originate:


As p = ħ k and E = ħ w, the expression becomes:

i ( k x  -  w t) which, as seen, is identical to

i (x  -  v t).

Alternatively, supposing Lorentz’s formulation, replacing

in the numerator of Lorentz’s expression for time:

v t' = v t  - x  = - (x - v t).

It is as if the movement of the particle happened in the opposite direction to (x - vt), which, for this analysis is irrelevant (it must be seen that v is constant).

The substitution of  comes from the fact that

so the free plane wave moves in hyper-space, x2, at the speed ic just like

being t naturally an imaginary temporal factor, if x2 is real.



Introducing Lorentz’s the correction factor,



it is obtained from the expressions of (4):


This transformation by Einstein forms the mass

To v = 0, one simply has im0.

Between v = 0 and v = i c one has a series of v = i v, for the values between 0 and c.

Ψ = im0

The only way to make real the expression


is by introducing into the denominator the rotation i, or the rotation - i into the numerator just like

As the 1st term in root can vary from 1 to , the corresponding values of the 2nd term in the denominator will also be between 1 and .

The mass M is real so that it establishes a link between the imaginary and the real just like



We translate this fact from the wave function Ψ which we associate to the mind, saying that im0, is “the concept” established by the mass and its hyper-dimensional and imaginary form (semantic informational vacuum) corrected by the real factor which varies in the interval

   which we call, in a general way, “Resistance”.

Thus, one has a new formulation of the Freudian unconscious as

It must be considered that matter in the Freudian case is the Nervous System (NS) and its neurological configurations, while the resistance is the obstacle to the mixing or sticking  the concept in reality.

Psychologically speaking this factor might be compared to the Freudian repression or to the archaic  human tendency, “culpability” associated to the hero, it means, Oedipus. Woman is the lack, only the hero.

This aspect becomes evident if one suppose the concept as EGO (Freud), I (Lacan) or even SELF (Jung). Biologically, how projections of the evolutionary psychological concepts itself , we have that……..…….., Christ, paranormals,

adults, children, animals, plants, gens, viruses and particles would have resistance from infinite to 1, when would be mixed to reality (matter).

Beyond “Culpability”, out of the “nucleus of hurt”, in the recognition of the Other, or more, when the own individual concept disappears, the moving away from reality process also increases, consequently, the resistance. In this circumstance the matter tends to zero. Here one has spontaneous or inducted states of mind that are close to this extreme, such as:


Altered(Amplified)  state of consciousness-ASC………..Tart (Lintz)


Schizophrenia …….Bleuler

Spiritual trance…………..Kardec

Culminating experience………..Maslow

Numinous experience…………..Jung

Delta-wave sleep………………..Rechtschaffen and Kales


All this proposition can be imagined if one suppose the 3D+T3 dimension like the sea or the ether projecting itself on the 2D+T2 dimension, like its shadow or reflex creating and interfering in it. Analogous to this, one observes 3D+T3 matter immersed in 4D+T4 or i(3D+T3), mind. Now, it’s the mind that creates and interferes on the matter . There is a hierarchical and mobile structure, a spiral universe on a cylinder, a helix. Dimensions can only exist once the hyper- dimensions had create them.. The opposite is mathematically impossible: dimension does not create hyper-dimension.

ESP and PK are public proof and consequence that this conception is possible as the general model mind-matter.



The resistance to the sticking of the concept to reality is divided into two resistances, the resistance to PSYCHOKINESIS, called RHO function and the resistance to TELEPATHY and CLAIRVOYANCE, called PHi.

The very existence of an imaginary speed allows for the mind that the imaginary time means absence of time. Supposing a speed faster than light, be it v, we will have the following picture:

The rotation i of 90 ° of this speed  v > c will inevitably result in:

Caixa de texto: i v


Effectively, the speed i v will be able to reach values ∞, always occupying regions permeated between 0 and inv, n the number of dimensions considered.

One initially verifies, in the first figure that,

As θ < 45°, c t g θ > 1 until ∞.

The rotation of 90°, ( i ), does not alter this situation, except for what concerns the axis t. The new axis i t points out to neither the past nor the future. Conclusively, mental time does not exist as either past or future.

This agrees with the timelessness of the Freudian unconscious, makes Ψ a structure that does not move in the classical sense and allows the mental perception of past time (retrocognition) and of future time (Precognition). The free movement of the Freudian unconscious is here translated mathematically, accepting the same movement of every kind towards the future or the past.

In the case in which θ = 90 °, the speed goes to zero, as mentioned, reflecting a total lack of resistance in relation to PHi as well as RHO, a fusion occurring between concept and reality (resistance equals to 1).

Negative real time occur for another rotation of 900. The picture would be approximately:

In this other dimension, the mind would have a real sense of the future to the past. The mental logic would be inverted in relation to the material logic (eg, decreasing entropy). In this linear dimensional conception the transition in was used.

However, considering the spatial dimensions, the speed formula is:

which is the one we adopt in our studies. In this case, the universe would be represented as a spiral:

This is a space of speeds or world lines n = 1, 2, 3, 4 ..... ∞.
In this case, shadows and bi-dimensional reflexes would be related to space R3, in the same way that the latest would in relation to R4 etc.

The relativist - quantum energy E = m v2, would have its expression written as:

The antiparticle appears as E = - m c2

And a universe could only be represented by the subsequent hyper-dimensional universe (s).

Each universe, therefore, would have a mind that represented it.

A version of the “spiral universe" represented here, and referred to the operation ,  is the octadimensional version in which 3 + 1 spatial dimensions and time are rotated from 90 °, 180 °, 270 ° and 360 ° (i, i2, i3, i4).

According to the parapsychologist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences - IONS, Dean Radin, in “Entangled Minds, Ed. Aleph, 2008, the model (proposed by physicists and parapsychologists Elizabeth Rauscher and Russell Targ) assumes that minds have the capacity of navigating through this octadimensional space and it is useful to point out how in principle one can explain the required non-local properties for the functioning of PSi without causing damage to the known physics. However, it does not provide an explanation for the way the required mental navigation can be performed or the way psychokinesis works. (This is a non literal version of the original idea.)

One can observe the similarities between the point of view commented by Dean Radin, in his book, and the physic-mathematic development in this text.

The Spiral Cosmology suggests the appearance of a helical universe by gathering the rotation of space-time with the rotation of the space around the time.



So far, one has the relation Ψ    im0.

Second, following algebraic operations, one reaches the relation


In this case, the resistance numerically varies between 1 and  and is divided into two types:

PHi Resistance to the extra-sensorial perception and RHO Resistance, to psychokinesis.

The cognition phenomena that exclusively involve time, PRECOGNITION and RETROCOGNITION, are imbued in all Psi phenomena that happen independently of the real time: mental time is imaginary.

The mind can be called im0 = Ψ, in such a way that the previous expression should be written in words as:




The validity (Matter x Resistance) 1 (im0) 1 = Ψ1, should be stressed, a special case of the concept Ψ1 after the special real product (M R) 1.

It should be understood that it equals the continuous spectrum of states that sets out from zero and reaches infinite:

To an isolated individual, the resistance, when it reaches its lowest level, will make the infinite mind project itself on matter in such a way that


This not occurs, when all consciousness is banned (Einstein) and the (human) individual in sensorial regression does not receive loads of universal signifying thought. As in this case M still exists, the human individual  dies, and his nervous system is diluted in other system, depending on the degree of sensorial regression.

PSi Phenomena of information, such as TELEPATHY and CLAIRPERCEPTION are the same previous phenomena except that they arise with no apparent external influence.

Probably the genetic mapping of the paranormal will present resemblances in the genetic code of these special individuals.

Observe the TELEPATHY among individuals, whether or not they have a nervous system. The figures below may give a clearer idea of what has been said:

Individuals 1 and 2 separated spatially and temporally

Caixa de texto: Mind (meaningfull) =


We can assume the following decoherence:ψa,b,c,d

A= Man     B= Dog      C= vegetable      D=Particle

If the real general state M x R = im0 is the same, that is, if (MR) A = (MR) B = (MR) C = (MR) D, the mind will signify the same. Obviously, for identical particles, if one takes, E and F, we will have (MR) E = (MR) F and they will have identical behaviors, that is, the real state of E = the real state of F = Ψ.

For human beings A and B the situation is the same, involving instead of M, the nervous system and its states of resistance so that

If (SN x R) A = (SN x R) B, one has real equality A and B among individuals, naturally keeping the levels previously established for only one individual.

The meaning of A and B separately will be the same, as in this case A = B, just like it occurs with identical particles.

In this last case, telepathy among particles violates the Pauli`s principle of exclusion and instantaneously results in a same real state.

Other typical examples are the identical twins in identical states (sleeping, for instance), dogs and owners with similar emotional neurological states, men in the same emotional-neural situation etc.

The situation can be generalized for all kind of telepathic contact and clairvoyant among beings.

Individuals in situations of normality, although also under the meaningful pressure of Ψ, tend to act independently (local and discontinuous):

As (M x R) A ≠ (M x R) B, then the meaning will be different.

The massification introduced by the means of communication can be seen in this aspect:

(M R) A = (M R) B  =  M R (C)  =  M R (D).....,

where M is the Nervous System.

In this case, the meanings of real nervous receptacles of PSI with the same resistance will be the same as the known ideas – forces (Roger Martin du Gard) which have been leading human behavior arise. It must be considered that this phenomenon differs from the one of pure telepathy among equal individuals, since massifying equality is obtained through such external means like harmful drugs noxious, alienating and freedom-taking invasive drugs.

The merely sensorial communication would only be an exchange of physical energy without any sense that might give meaning susceptible of intelligible communication. In case, there was no “hierarchically superior” Ψ. But Ψ is the element (psicon) that can define matter. And matter is a creative representation of PSI.



Again we have the equality Ψ =  im0.

As seen, with the Einstein’s equality

, a speed higher than the light, one can have


Taking advantage of only


its interaction with matter is obvious that it becomes a modification of the speed state of the later

without action of energy or acceleration.



Or, which is the same, in order to simplify, albeit not necessarily, as im0  can be any,

Or simply:


v2 = 0,8  and v1 = 0,3, that is, that the body mass equivalent to the

speed 0,3 jumps to the state speed 0,8, without real action.

Naturally it is expected that v >1.

Effectively, making the substitutions of the speeds, we will find:


that is, it is found, as wished, that the mind, at speeds higher than the one of light in psychokinesis over matter, alters its speed.

Naturally, if an object is still, it will leave the state of rest under mental action and will be in motion.

It is what I called "outsourcing" of the neurotic defense mechanism on the part of the epicenter of psychokinesis. It must be emphasized that the compositions of various speeds and diverse objects may be able to suffer the same psychokinetic effect, being the simplest POLTERGEIST.

However, the mental ascendency over the object allows us to understand more conceptually that the mind would not have any limitations whatsoever in the production of kinetic effects. There is no implicit prohibition so that conceptual mind cannot manifest its LINK neurotic in the most varied possible ways.

I should stress that possible changes of energy levels in Qantum Physics may be attributed to Psychokinesis in explicit violation of the maximum limit of the speed of light of restrict relativity. The choice of formalism cannot alter the absolute value of certain scalar quantities such as mass.



Observe initially that


One obtains Lorentz’s known expression:

Dividing it by t one obtains:

as mentioned at the beginning of this item.

Squaring it, we will have:



But, ,

the known metric interval of Special Relativity.

Now we will introduce a 2nd dimension x2:

to a new dimension, keeping the speed, will come the same kind of expression for the metrical interval:

Adding to the expression of the metric interval in one dimension we have:

However, the basic principle that the sum of two speeds cannot be higher than the speed of light which is c, one obtains:


As , then one has

this is, assuming x as real, the metrical interval will be imaginary.

By calculating this interval as a metrical interval of the first dimension, one will obtain:

As seen previously,






By doing as before

one obtains  or  so that only speeds equal to or higher than the speed of light are admitted.

In this case, instead of what the Special Relativity predicts, the introduction of new coordinate or a new dimension (hyper-dimension) results in the developments of the 1st dimension as if the effect came before the cause, that is, PRECOGNITION, and the mental observer who, due to being hyper-dimensional, has the speed already calculated,  will be apt in the first dimension to violate the basic principle that the cause comes before the effect.

Our general expression

can be written as:


In other terms, exceeding the speed of light, clocks that measured the time of the mental observer moving at speeds higher than light would be measuring a time higher than the time measured by the fixed observer, which means that the clock hands will mark lower and lower time intervals with the increase in the hyperdimensional mental speed.

This is exactly the opposite of what the Special Relativity preaches.

In other terms, mental time projected as projected imaginary hyperdimension would allow one to know the real effect before the real cause: PRECOGNITION. The mind knows the future!

The reader may find strange the apparent paradox with what was said in item 7 about the inexistence of mental time. Yet, it must be remembered that a second rotation of both spatial and temporal axes leads to real negative times.

This was exactly what we have done at this item 10, when we returned to the expression of hyperdimension of reality.

The reader, in this last case, will be able to imagine a determined piece of information departing from another source at two different speeds: take the “thunder”. Obviously, the luminous information of the “thunder” will come before the same information “thunder” brought to the receiver by the sound.

Evidently, the receiver of the concept “thunder” will be predicting that it will happen again. By imagining now an issuing source of “thunder” travelling at a speed higher than the speed of the light, the mentalreceiver will already have developed the concept “thunder” before the luminous lightning and will interpret such a fact as an non-causal mere coincidence (Jung).

Effectively, what the receiver font they thought really happened "afterwards". A “double temporal connection” is established.

However, above the speed of light, there is only thought. Thus, the term "thunder" moves at a speed above the light and is mearly a signifying concept of what will come next. This is by definition what can be called semantic information: the one that will give meaning to the material element when this occurs. We have seen in telepathy that mental concepts can be equal between different persons in altered neurological states. In these situations, resistance cames close to 1, times approach from the hyperdimension and the concept projects itself on matter although the mind is beyond time, without any time. To the paranormal individual, the Psi agent, the mind is joined to matter and the mental and material times can be inverted. In case of higher resistance, they disconnect and the concept escapes reality (psicons) reaching the maximum of disconnection when LINK disappears and the concept comes to exist as an isolated entity: vacuum.

The same expression, now to another dimension:


remains valid. For PSi agent, perhaps due to its genetic information, the state of resistance reflects the entire informational mental totality without damage
to its integrity.

The states of normal sensoriality happen to us because the sources are very close to receivers and high speeds of syntactic information transmission do not allow individuals to think that their formation of signifying concepts prevails over simple material transmissions that have the speed of light as a limit.